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Quality epoxy supplies for epoxy flooring, waterproofing, tiling, pools, and construction.

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Epoxy Flooring Supplier: Importing Raw Materials, Formulating, Manufacturing & Supply.


Alka Coatings offer epoxy floor coating supplies for Sydney metro area.

We import raw materials to Australia, manufacture various epoxy coating systems, supply the right material for your job and provide after sale services on how to correctly install those products.

Alka Coatings holds a number of certifications and accreditations which include Australian Made and Owned, ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety).

We can also help you with final epoxy floor coatings inspections and issuing all the required certificates. We serve a comprehensive cross-section of commercial & industrial sectors in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Epoxy Binders

Alka 100 | 2-componenet, 100% solid, clear & transparent epoxy resin | Excellent Levelling, Crystal Clear [click here]

Alka 101 | 2-componenet, 100% solid, general purpose epoxy resin & mortar binder | Excellent Levelling [click here]

Alka 102 | 2-Component, 100% solid clear & transparent epoxy binder | Low Yellowing [click here]

Alka 103 | 2-Component Aliphatic Polyamine Epoxy System | fast dry Mortar Screed [click here]

Epoxy Primers

Alka 104 | 2-component, solvent-based, clear penetrating epoxy primer | Excellent Chemical Adhesion to Concrete Substrates [click here]

Alka 105 | 2-component, solvent-based, clear penetrating epoxy primer | Excellent Adhesion to Damp Surfaces [click here]

Epoxy Coatings Systems

Alka 110 | 2-componenet, 100% solid, multi-purpose & high performance coloured epoxy coating | Excellent levelling, Bright & Glossy Finish [click here]

Alka 110 T | 2-componenet, 100% solid, Textured & high performance coloured epoxy coating | Thixotropic, Textured [click here]

Alka 111 | 2-component, high chemical resistance Novolac Epoxy floor Coating | Novolac [click here]

Alka 112 | 2-component 100% solid, chemical resistance epoxy coating | Food Grade [click here]

Alka 112F | 2-component 100% solid, chemical resistance & highly flexible epoxy coating | Food Grade & Tough [click here]

Alka 113 | 2-component, Low Viscous, Bsiphenol F, High chemical resistance epoxy coating | High Chemical Resistance [click here]

Alka 114 | 2-component High Viscouse, fast cure epoxy membrane | Tanks, Linings, pipes [click here]

Alka 115 | 2-component tough, elastic, low reactivity epoxy watreproofing membrane | WaterProofing Membrane [click here]

Alka 116 | 2-component tough, solventless anti-static epoxy flooring | ESD Anti-Static Floors

Alka 117UV | 2-Component, High Performance, Multi-Purpose, Low-Yellowing Epoxy Coating | Low Yellowing [click here]

Alka 118 | 2-component 100% solid elastic, high viscous epoxy-urethane waterproofing membrane | No Sagging Epoxy

Alka 119 | 2-component 100% solid epoxy patching mastic and gap-filler | Concrete Repair Kit

Alka 120 | 2-component, 100% solid food-grade high build epoxy coating | High Build Trowel-On

Alka 121 | 2-component, 100% solid high build coloured epoxy coating | High Build Roll-On

Alka 151 | 2-component, clear, high solid, water-based epoxy coatings  | Low VOC Clear 

Alka 152 | 2-component, coloured, high solid, water-based epoxy coatings  | Low VOC Coloured

Alka Pool | 2-componenet low-yellowing high solid coloured epoxy coating for pools | 2 Pack Pool Epoxy

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