2-Component, High Performance, Multi-Purpose, Low-Yellowing Epoxy Coating

Low Yellowing Epoxy Coating

Alka117UV is a 2-component, high performance, high colour stability and high moisture resistance epoxy resin coating designed for applications where heavy-duty protection is required. It is used in a range of Roller Applied and Self Levelling flooring systems and applications.


Alka 117UV designed for applications where heavy-duty protection is required. It is suitable for outside flooring and decorative system’s top coat in:

  • Industrial & Commercial.
  • Warehouses, storage and packaging areas,
  • Clean rooms,
  • Automotive Service Areas and Garages,
  • High Traffic Applications,
  • Workshops,
  • Food and beverage production,
  • Assembly plants and industrial processing floors,
  • Schools,
  • Shop Floors,
  • Laboratories.


  • Durable – 100% solids.
  • Good workable time,
  • Excellent bond strength,
  • Easy application/Can be applied by brush or roller,
  • Water impermeability, 
  • Low VOC
  • Water and scratch resistant,
  • Excellent light and UV resistant,
  • High Tg and Hardness,
  • Combine with decorative vinyl chips, quartz & metallic powders to create an attractive and durable finish.


22 Kg, 20 Kg Resin & 2 Kg hardener


– Neutral.

Alka Colour Solutions Colour Card [Click here]

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions

Store away from direct sunlight and away from naked flames, sparks and heating.

Flash point >25 C

Density: 1.4 Kg/L

Layer thickness
Recommended coating thickness is approximately 160-200 microns per coat

Pot Life (at 25 C)
approximately 50-70 minutes

Curing time (at 25 C)
Tack free time: 12-14 hours
Re-coat able: 12-24 hours
Light traffic: 3 days
Full cure: 7 days.

Approximately 0,25–0,3 kg/m² applied as a roller coating.
Approximately 0,9–1,2 kg/m² applied as a self-smoothing wearing course or as finish locking coats on textured finishes.

Alka primer: 5–6 sqm/litre
First coat: 5–6 sqm/litre over unprimed
6–8 sqm/litre over primed or coated

Second coat: 6–8 sqm/litre Over trowelled on toppings 2–4 sqm/litre


Alka 117UV can be applied by brush or roller, selection of roller is dependent on the type of finish required.

Xylene can be used for cleaning tools and equipment before the mixed compound begins to harden. Once cured, It can only be removed mechanically.

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