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Water & Sewage Systems

Water membranes / Water proofing systems for:


Waste Water Pipelines, Tanks, manholes, Potable Water tanks, Neutralising Tanks, Water treatment systems, Water reserve tanks, Agricultural Pools, Beachside Pools, Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools, Roof Waterproofing systems, Residentail Waterproofing. Negative & Positive Waterproofing Systems.

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Fuel & Chemical storage

Chemical resistance / Heat resistance

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Concrete Surfaces

Acid & base resistance / Abrasion resistance / Dust controlling systems

Epoxy flooring services: epoxy flooring Sydney / epoxy flooring Brisbane / epoxy flooring Adelaid / epoxy flooring Melbourne

Concrete Floor Coatings Exterior Concrete Facades

Solutions for

Structural Steels
Anti-corrosive / 
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Food & Pharmaceutical

Food Grade & Hygine / Chemical resistance / Abrasion resistance

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Military Bases & Vehicles

Self-sealing / blast resistance / Explosive blast protection & mitigation

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