ALKA 105

2-Component, Solvent Based Epoxy Primer for Damp Surfaces

Solvent-based Epoxy Primer

Alka 105 is generally used to prime concrete surfaces prior to the application of the main coating products or systems. Alka 105 improves the adhesion between substrates and coatings, particularly on difficult and damp surfaces (such as power-floated concrete). It can also be used to prime for application of polyurethane and polyurea coatings as well as sealing concrete.


Our wide variety of two-component floor primers includes products that allow same-day application and top-coat application, reducing inconvenience and disruption for businesses, and for priming damp concrete floors and screeds to allow earlier application of floor coatings. Alka 105 is ideal for use around:

  • Motor workshops
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Back of house areas
  • Stock and plant rooms
  • kitchens
  • processing and packing plants
  • car showroom
  • workshops

For use in industrial and commercial businesses that requires a durable and hard-wearing floor coating susceptible to mechanical loads.


  • Excellent adhesion to practically any surface
  • Good penetration
  • excellent corrosion resistance and sealing properties
  • Good curing properties
  • May be diluted
  • Suitable for a range of applications and coatings


40 L, 20 L Resin & 20 L hardener

8 L, 4 L Resin & 4 L hardener


– light yellowish-transparent.

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions

Store away from direct sunlight and away from naked flames, sparks and heating.

Flash point >25 C

Density: 1.1 Kg/L

Layer thickness
Recommended coating thickness is approximately 50 microns per coat

Pot Life (at 20 C)
approximately 20 minutes

Curing time (at 20 C)
Tack-free time: 6 hours
Re-coat able: 6-24 hours

Approximately 6-8 m2/liter per coat depending on substrate conditions. Strongly absorbent or porous substrates require two primer coats with a waiting time between coats of minimum 6 hours, and maximum 24 hours.


Alka 105 is usually applied by roller. Apply 1 coat at approximately 6–8 m2 per litre.

Xylene can be used for cleaning tools and equipment before the mixed compound begins to harden. Once cured, It can only be removed mechanically.

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