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Solutions for Waste Water Pipelines, Tanks, manholes, Potable Water tanks, Neutralising Tanks, Water treatment systems, Water reserve tanks, Agricultural Pools, Beachside Pools, Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools, Roof Waterproofing systems, Residentail Waterproofing. Negative & Positive Waterproofing Systems.

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We offer waterproofing and coating solutions to be used in various applications and circumstances.  

We import raw materials to Australia, manufacture various resinous coating systems and cementitious membranes, supply the right material for your job, install the waterproofing and maintain your warehouse floors for many years to come.

Our comprehensive after sale services includes discounted maintenance over the coming years. We understand the requirements of food industry and will help you minimise your overall cost on installation, maintenance and over hall as much as possible. 

We can also help you with final waterproofing and coating inspections and issuing all the required certificates. We serve a comprehensive cross-section of commercial & industrial sectors in Australia and Pacific region.

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