Alka Lithium densifier

Concrete Floor Densifier, Hardener, and Dust-Proofer
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Lithium Densifier

Alka Lithium Densifier is a concrete densifier, hardener, and dust-proofer. It produces a higher level of shine and provides increased resistance to chemical stains. For concrete floors not subject to grinding and not requiring extensive prior hardening, Alka Lithium Densifier produces a better sealed surface than often used conventional sodium silicate anti-dusting agents.


It can be used in exposed aggregate concrete floors, old and new concrete floors in;

  • Car Parks
  • Concrete Floors
  • Domestic Floors
  • Exterior Use
  • Factories
  • Garages
  • House Interior
  • Interior Floors
  • Shopping Centres
  • Show Rooms
  • Warehouse Floors


  • Environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, non-flammable, non-toxic and low odour.
  • Easy one step application, no scrubbing, no flushing, and no caustic wastewater.
  • Improves performance, appearance, and light reflectance of new or old concrete.
  • Suitable for polishing and speeds up the polishing process.
  • Rapidly increases concrete surface strength by up to 5 times.
  • Easy, one step application with no scrubbing or flushing required.
  • Breathable and UV stable – will not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.
  • Treated surfaces return to service within 1 hour.
  • Surface sheen improves with traffic and maintenance.


25 Kg / 20 Litres drums (Yields 60 litres of product)


– Transparent 

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage conditions

Store away from direct sunlight and away from naked flames, sparks and heating.

Flash point >25 C

Density: 1.25 Kg/L

Drying time
2 to 4 hours

Steel trowelled fresh concrete may take as little as 25 sqm/litre whereas cured ground concrete can absorb as much as 10 sqm/litre.

Alka Lithuim Densifier needs to be diluted with 2 volume parts of water. So, a full pack will yield 60 litres of densifier.

Before the application, make sure that the substrate is free from dust, surface water and surface contaminants such as oil, grease, fats, chemicals, rust, paints curing membranes, etc. All loose materials and surface laitance must be removed. For larger areas shot blasting, high-pressure water blasting or scabbling is recommended. On small areas needle gunning or bush hammering can be effective. Please bear in mind that the tensile strength of the substrate must be a minimum of 1.5MPa.

Apply with a low-pressure spray pack, mop, or soft bristle push broom. The quantity of material required will vary with porosity of the concrete, surface temperature and prevailing atmospheric conditions.

Material is applied in an even manner so as not to cause puddles and brush marks. Brush out any puddles that may have formed due to application of excess material or lower absorptivity.

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